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At TrueTech Advisors, our main goal is that our clients are happy with their phone and internet solutions. We start by listening to what is important to their specific business needs and then use that information to:

  • Educate on relevant solution options and pricing,
  • Facilitate conversations and quotes from multiple providers, and
  • Accommodate our clients by providing white-glove installation, setup, training, and continued support


Knowledge is Power

Understand Your Options

Understand Your Options

Being happy with your phones and service means understanding what is available to you and being able to utilize those products to the fullest extent. At TrueTech Advisors, we help explain, and even demonstrate, different types of systems by answering questions like, “What is VoIP and will I be completely down when the internet is out?”

Bottom Line Pricing

Bottom Line Pricing

All quotes are not created equal. And the first time you get a bill should not be the first time you have gotten to see the bottom line pricing. With taxes being so high in this industry, you could be paying more for a solution that was priced the exact same when quoted. TrueTech Advisors combines the quotes into an easy to understand document that allows our clients to make fully informed decisions.

Install Outline

Install Outline

Part of the stress of switching systems is the uncertainty of the process. Especially if you have had bad experiences in the past. TrueTech Advisors will outline the entire process from start to finish so you know exactly what is upcoming and when it will happen. Allowing you to make decisions based on predictable outcomes.

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

Whether you have a brand new system that isn’t performing like you wanted or an older system that is dying, TrueTech Advisors explains the technology that will impact, or be impacted by the changes.


Delegation is the highest form of management.

Accumulates Information

The more information you have, the easier it is to make the right decision. But when you aren’t familiar with the industry or dealing with multiple providers, too much information can be difficult to organize and process. TrueTech Advisors simplifies that process by providing you the information that is most relevant to your stated goals.


Getting relevant information to make a decision is a must. But bad information is everywhere from the salespeople for providers to the internet experts. Because we have agreements with all the providers, we can offer unbiased information and opinions. So you know you are making decisions based on accurate information.

Protects Clients

As you gather information from the providers, you become an opportunity for them. Unfortunately this will lead to many additional solicitation calls from those salespeople, all trying to continue those conversations. TrueTech Advisors works as the main point of contact for all conversations with the service providers so our clients never get bombarded with calls and emails.

Provide Quotes

Every provider markets and sells their product differently. They may price their product based on a tiered system of features, or they may only have one level. TrueTech Advisors facilitates the quoting process on your behalf. Allowing you to be comfortable knowing that the pricing comparisons you see also have equivalent services as well.


You are an expert at what you do, we are experts at phones.


Most of the time people are unhappy with their systems, it starts with how it was installed. TrueTech Advisors starts the installation process by testing and installing all the equipment on site to make sure there are no network or equipment issues.


Once the system is installed, we sit down with our clients and ask “What would you like to happen when someone dials your phone number?” Using technology that allows you to visually see how your calls will flow on a flow chart ensures that we have every endpoint covered and every user will get the calls they need to receive.


The features available in almost any system are now endless. But in order to take advantages of these features you have to know they exist, have them setup, and then learn how to use them. TrueTech Advisors trains our clients in everything from voicemail setup and transferring calls, to mobile application setup and customer texting.

Continued Support

Users will change. Call flows will need to be updated. We get paid by whichever provider you choose to ensure that you CONTINUE to stay happy with your phone system and service. So, if you need us to show you how to switch out a user on the system, we can do that. If you would like us to just handle it, we can do that as well. We work with our clients as partners to ensure that you stay happy with your phones.

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